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February 10, 2012 - Been a long time coming...
I should have updated this site with a message way sooner but for the maybe 3 people who still watch this site, I'm announcing what is already obvious: I'm not drawing Erasure comics anymore.  I haven't bought the new album nor seen them on their recent tour so I feel like kind of a fraud.  Sure I still love Erasure and will always love them but my mania has died down considerably.  

I would just like to thank all the people who've supported my work and sent me such kind messages over the years.  Believe me, they've meant so much.  Starting with Greg EIS (!) who linked to my site in an EIS newsletter, this little baby blew up to unimaginable proportions.  It's been my great pleasure drawing these little nonsense comics for you.  I have to say, of all fandoms there have ever been or will be, Erasure fans are hands-down the nicest!

My only regret is that I left half my characters floating in space in a nightclub-rocket.  Maybe one day, several years from now, I'll finish their story.  In the meantime, I think there's still plenty of cookies for them to subsist on.

I have not stopped drawing.  My focus is on some other projects.  If you're interested, you can check out vilecomics.com.  I have two self-published comics for sale that you can read about here. :)

Once again, thank you for all the support! Long live Erasure!!!

March 16, 2009 - All Through The Years
I'm listening to Total Pop! Deluxe right now, going through a big nostalgia moment, pondering my Erasure fandom.  I wouldn't say my fanaticism has faded, but rather that it's more subtle.  Well, as subtle as drawing Erasure-related comics, inking them in and then working them over in Photoshop and posting them online on my own Erasure Comics website can be.  No seriously though, it's hard to dissect what Erasure fandom is all about.  Part of it has something to do with an underdog status of sorts, regardless of the number of Top Whatever hits they've had in the UK or around the world. (Now would probably not be the right time to discuss the death of 'the album' and consequently record stores.  I accept that I am an old fogey even though I haven't hit 30 yet.)  Liking Erasure has never been cool nor will it ever be.  And I think that in itself is what makes it kind of cool. :)  Erasure is just good angst-free pop which balances well with the dire rock music I usually listen to.  And us fans' loyalty to Andy and Vince is a pretty remarkable thing.  Some of us have been fans for 20 years now!  (I think my count is something like 9 or 10 years)  I think any band or musician would consider themselves lucky to have a career that long.  

Anyway, I don't mean to turn this into an Erasure dissertation.  But it's just something I was thinking about as I was transferring dozens of pages into their new format and looking over my old chicken-scratch drawings of RobotAndy and RobotVince.  I don't understand how any of you can read the speech balloons when half the time I can't decipher my own handwriting.  That's something I'll have to work on.  Also, as I was editing the links page, deleting inactive sites, I realized just how '90s fan-pages are.  Have they all gone because there's a more centralized hub for all things Erasure (i.e. erasureinfo.com?)  I guess it is easier to just get your info from one place, and a reliable one at that.  Also, I'm sure there are fan groups in MySpace or Friendster where you can talk about your love for Erasure.  Still, it was kind of fun discovering those old tripod and geocities pages back in the day.

The best part is what's yet to come.  I can honestly say that Erasure have never let me down.  I'll always look forward to the next album and their one-of-a-kind concerts that forever bring the house down.  Lastly I have to share this compilation I came across on YouTube, it's so so amazing, kind of epic actually.  Enjoy!